At Novaprint, we pride ourselves on not only offering the highest quality products, but also providing comprehensive support to our valued community of customers. We firmly believe in the power
of education and training as key tools to improve efficiency and quality in the pharmaceutical industry
and food.
This is why we offer courses and seminars designed especially for our clients. These training events are intended to provide up-to-date advice and knowledge on the latest trends, regulations and best practices in pharmaceutical packaging.

Our mission is to help
for your company to reach new levels of excellence in packaging management, ensuring the integrity of your products.
Our courses and seminars cover a wide range of topics, among which we highlight:

■ “Advanced Packaging Technologies”, exploring the latest innovations in packaging technologies and how they can benefit to your company.

■ “Sustainability and eco-friendly packaging”, teaching how to reduce your environmental footprint and meet expectations of consumers concerned about the environment.


Our pharmaceutical packaging experts, with years of industry experience, deliver these courses and seminars, providing practical knowledge and tailored solutions to your specific challenges.

For more information about our upcoming courses
and seminars, do not hesitate to contact our team.
We look forward to working alongside you to strengthen
your knowledge and skills in the world pharmaceutical and food packaging. At Novaprint we are committed to your success and look forward to continuing to be your trusted strategic partner.