Our team of advisors has all the tools to offer a top quality service in a responsible and professional manner. Let us advise yor from the design from the design from
packaging systems to efficient supply.

The experience and competitiveness of our team of leaders has also allowed us to develop a materials research laboratory
flexible packaging equipped with technology cutting edge in analysis and testing for the different laminates and structures availabe in the market.

competitive advantage




Our commitment to quality and efficiency is reflected in a continous investment in equipment and technology, strict material analysis as well as advanced conversion processes; This ensures that the pharmaceutical products contained retain their identity, power and efficiency.
Even more, all our factories have maintained the concept of Pharmaceutical Packaging Conversion Centers known as CCEF, conversion plants designed according to the principles of Cleanroom facilities for printing and slitting in compliance with ISO 14644 standard class 8. This ensures highly efficient flow and strictly controlled flows within in the factory. All within the framework of ecological care that reflects the pride we have to do our work with excellence and quality.
Novaprint Academy offers training courses on packing engineering, quality, storage, and other areas involved in the productive process and manipulation of drug and/or food-packing materials.

The Novaprint Academy initiative was born from the ongoing updating need detected in our customers concerning the innovations of the packing industry and of primary flexible materials for the Food and Drug industries.

Basic courses

  • Selection of primary-packing materials, management and trends in the packing industry.
  • Overview of flexible packing materials in the drug and food industries.
  • Applied packing materials in blister process.
  • High-barrier plastics.
  • Laminated structures.
  • Validation process for Blister pack.
  • Management of materials for storage and transportation.
  • Design of Aluminum Plastic Blister, Cold Form Foil, and pharmaceutical forms Sachet, Stick pack.

Fact File

Qualification: Technical Training

Venue:  Drug Packing Conversion Center or at the facilities, depending on the attendees

Start date: according to agenda

Duration: 16 hours, according to relevant modules

Cost: Query

Additionally, Novaprint Academy has developed various seminars on Packing Materials with the participation of our specialists, along with speakers of international, pharmaceutical-industry providers.

If you are interested in the tutorship imparted by Novaprint Academy, send us an email to the following address: mailing@novaprint.com.mx and we will communicate with you as soon as posible.

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