Who we are

Novaprint is an international company with more than 42 years of experience in the supply  of primary-packing material for the pharmaceutical, dairy industry and conversion of flexible containers. We have five plants, three in Mexico, one in Brazil, and another one in Guatemala, from which material is supplied to companies in Mexico, the United States, Brazil, and Central and South America. Novaprint is specialized in printing and supply of a broad variety of structures, such as aluminum, plastic, and different laminated-drug blisters and other consumer products.

We offer a wide variety of natural and printed films (aluminum and plastic) for drug blisters and other consumer products. We are specialized in aluminum foil rotogravure printing and of other laminated structures, which properties offer the maximum tightness and protection guarantee for medications and foods. The effort of each of the people who work in the company has contributed to the continuous growth of Novaprint. The quality and service offered throughout our history have awarded us with various acknowledgments from our customers.

The concept of Pharmaceutical Packaging Conversion Center (CCEF, in its Spanish acronym) was instituted at our first Xochimilco plant in September 2011, in July 2012 our second plant was built in the state of Jalisco, with the purpose of offering technical service and better response to our clients in that area of ​​the Republic, in 2013 the construction of our third plant in the City of Atibaia in Brazil, began in 2014. In 2016, we opened our fourth plant in Guatemala City, in October 2018, our administrative offices grew to the south of Mexico City and in May 2019 our fifth plant was opened in the State of Mexico and in December 2020  we merged  with the Peruvian company Nokra SAC, increasing the presence in Peru and with the certainty of supplying pharmaceutical grade primary packaging materials with the best quality and world-class service.

Thanks to our work philosophy that stresses quality service and constant excellence, Novaprint is currently a certified supplier by its customers and a source of employment for more than 400 families.


Give our best in terms of service, not only to our customers, but to our peers alike. Make a name for us for our exceptional service.


Work with top quality and always in the quest for improvement.


Be an exceptional pharmaceutical packaging supplier.
Social commitment

Do everything bearing in mind the wellbeing of our families, the community, and the environment.


Always do what is right, act honestly, and do what we consider is good for us and for others.

Social commitment

The commitment and responsibility that define our company are based on the respect to our customers and the industry, as well as the environment that surround us.

We have established procedures to ensure accordance through out all our organizational practices such as:

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).
  • Environmental and Ethical international standards.
  • Compliance with ISO 14644 standard class 8 Cleanroom facilities for product manufacturing and conversion.

Our highest certification is the satisfaction of our customers and the preference of the industry: more than 40 years and more than 250 laboratories that have our materials and packaging.