Novaprint is an international company
with more than 40 year of experience.
In the supply conversion of
primary flexible packaging.

We have six plants designed according to with lean manufacturing principles and equipped with clean areas (CleanRoom), from which material is provided
to the Pharmaceutical and Food Industries, in Mexico, Brazil, USA, Caribbean, Central and South America.

The efforts of each of the people who work in the company
has contributed to the continuous growth of Novaprint. Thanks to
our work philoshopy, in which a quality service and constant
excellence stands out, we have obtained various recognitions
of our clients who today position Novaprint as a certified
suppliers for its clients, and a source of work for more than
400 families.

To be an exceptional
pharmaceutical packaging
supplier that foes above and
beyond for its always
inspired customers.
in seeking well-being
of our families
And our society.

The commitment and responsibility that define our company are based on the respect to our customers and the industry, as well as the environment that surround us.

We have established procedures to ensure accordance through out all our organizational practices such as:

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).
  • Environmental and Ethical international standards.
  • Compliance with ISO 14644 standard class 8 Cleanroom facilities for product manufacturing and conversion.

Our highest certification is the satisfaction of our customers and the preference of the industry: more than 40 years and more than 250 laboratories that have our materials and packaging.